What is "Skype"?

Skype is a great piece of free software that allows you to make free phone and video calls using "Voice over IP" (VoIP) to other Skype users as well as providing free Instant Messaging (IM) and file transfer. It also allows very low cost phone calls to normal phones or mobiles and SMS messages to mobiles. Many of us in the international HL7 Standards community use Skype.

What do I need to use "Skype"?
1. A computer running Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X or Linux.
2. A headphone/microphone head-set - look for Skype-compatible head-sets on Amazon.com or use the built-in microphone and speaker if you have a laptop.
3. An internet connection, preferably broadband; a 56k modem connection gives lower sound quality phone calls.
4. The Skype software, downloaded for free from Skype

You are now ready to make free calls to other Skype users!

5. If you want to do video calls, you will need a webcam (sometimes already built into your laptop).
6. If you want to make very low cost phone calls to normal phones/ mobiles and send SMSs to mobiles, put at least A$16 of "SkypeOut" credit external image image-2511615-10422642into your Skype account. This is not required if you only want to call other Skype users.

More information on the Skype Free Download and Support site